encyclopedia of social services and human development – part 01
Book Cover: encyclopedia of social services and human development - part 01

In this Encyclopedia, I extend my large effort to include a complete valuable program that enables specialized people and professional practitioners of the social work, to identify the causes and extrapolates the maladies and also to identify how it is being done in the process of performance, treatment and recovery of the cases.

It includes five valuable units. Among them, the first one covers the terminology and concepts of the profession. And the second tries to establish rules in accordance with scientific criteria, measurable objective. Next one treats the determination of the principles of the profession and the value of the translated words and deeds and valuable integrated program. Fourth is the objective of program that may be pursued by social workers who play the pivotal and perform their best with customers and clients. Last one provides a template value of the classification adopted in the analysis of pentachlorophenol by the values recorded for us by the patent department of intellectual property intellectual status under the Industrial Research No (0333/0009). 

Through this valuable work, I wish to explain for the readers and specialist, how to deal with cases of clients and agents and the way of recovery by creation of a new movement. I hope God may reconcile us.

In the first unit, we dealt with one hundred and twenty-three different titles related to social service software.